January 08, 2006

600R Pues Si Vivimos

Title: "Pues Si Vivimos," Mexican folk hymn, anonymous translation, "In All Our Living," PUES SI VIVIMOS, Irregular, traditional hymn; The hymn appears in The New Century Hymnal along with other, copyrighted stanzas as no. 499; likewise is the case with Mil voces para celebrar (in which still other stanzas appear) where it is included as no. 337. It does not appear in Singing the Living Tradition, nor in Hymns of the Spirit Two. The hymn was transcribed by Gerturde Suppe when she heard it sung by two church women from Mexico. The lyrics are based on Romans 14:8, but have other resonances as well.


1. Pues si vi-vi-mos, pa-ra Dios vi-vi~mos
y si mo-ri-mos, pa-ra Dios mo-ri~mos.
Se-a que vi-va-mos, o que mu-ra~mos,
so-mos del buen Dios, so-mos del buen Dios.

2. In all our liv-ing, we be-long to God;
and in our dy-ing, we are still with God;
So,_ wheth-er liv-ing, or wheth-er dy~ing,
we be-long to God; we be-long to God.

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