June 18, 2005

87R The Shepherd's Reign Holy Love Is

Original Title: "The King of Love My Shepherd Is," Henry Williams Baker, New Title: "The Shepherd's Reign Holy Love Is," rev. REH (2005), ST. COLUMBA,, Ancient Irish Melody.


1. The Shep-herd’s reign ho-ly love is,
such good-ness fail-eth ne-ver,
I noth-ing lack if I am love’s
and love is mine for-ev-er.

2. Where streams of liv-ing wa-ter flow
my ran-somed soul God lead-eth,
and where the ver-dant pas-tures grow,
with food cel-es-tial feedeth.

3. Care-less and fool-ish oft I strayed,
but yet in love God sought me,
and on the shoul-der gent-ly laid,
and home, re-joic-ing, brought me.

4. In death’s deep vale I fear no ill
with thee, dear God, be-side me;
Thy rod and staff my com-fort still,
thy child be-fore to guide me.

5. Thou spread’st a ta-ble in my sight;
Thy unc-tion grace be-stow-eth;
And O what trans-port of delight
from thy pure cha-lice flow-eth!

6. And so through all the length of days
thy good-ness fail-eth ne-ver;
Good Shep-herd, may I sing thy praise
with-in thy house for-ev-er.

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