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December 14, 2005

217R Not Only Where God's Free Wind Blows

Original Title: "Not Only Where God's Free Wind Blows," Shepherd Knapp (1908), LOBB GOTT, IHR CHRISTEN,, Nikolaus Hermann, harm. J.S. Bach; New Title: Same hymn title, alt. REH (2005), same hymn tune. The hymn does not appear in Singing the Living Tradition nor in the United Church of Christ's New Century Hymnal, though the tune does appear to the broadly theistic hymn "Dear Weaver of Our Lives' Design," by Unitarian Universalist Nancy C. Dorian, as no. 22 in the former. Shepherd Knapp was an American Congregationalist. The lyrics seem to echo John 3:8, wherein Jesus is purported to have said that "the wind blows where it chooses, and you hear the sound of it, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit." (NRSV)


1. Not on-ly where God's free winds blow
or in the si-lent wood,
but where the ci-ty's rest-less flow
is ne-ver still, God's love we know,
and find that pre-sence good.

2. Dear God, the sun whose light is sweet,
on hill and plain and sea,
does cheer the ci-ty's bu-sy street,
and they that pass with wea-ry feet
give thanks for light free-ly.

3. O boun-ties from the field and mine
come at the ci-ty's call;
the fire up-on the heart di-vine
and home, where lights of kind-ness shine,
the dear-est gift of all.

4. More near than out-ward gifts art thou,
Sove-reign of hu-man-kind,
yea, those who un-der bur-dens bow
of toil and care thou dost en-dow
with ri-ches of the mind.

5. But in the ci-ty's grief and shame
dost thou re-fuse a part?
Ah, no, for e're burns there a flame
of hu-man help in Christ's dear name;
There, most of all, thou art.

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