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August 19, 2005

147R Hail We Now this Happy Morn

Words: Percival Chubb, rev. REH (2005);Music: SONG 13 (GIBBONS) (, Orlando Gibbons (1623)

SONG 13 (

1. Hail we now this hap-py morn,
with our faith and hope new-born;
Let our voic-es rise as one,
greet-ing this New Year be-gun.

2. Grate-ful for the fruit-ful past,
may its bright-est fruit-age last;
But our feet would for-ward fare,
up-ward to the clear-er air.

3. From the fu-ture comes a cry,
sound-ing from the up-per sky,
'Live not mere-ly for to-day;
O-thers join you on the way.'

4. So we mount the path a-head;
Let it e-cho to our tread!
All to-geth-er: step in time!
For-ward, for-ward, may all climb!

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