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August 04, 2005

133R Tis Winter Now, the Fallen Snow

Words: Samuel Longfellow, alt. REH (2005)Music: DEUS TUORUM MILITUM (L.M.D.), Grenoble Antiphoner (1753); Original tune: BROCKHAM (L.M.), Jeremiah Clark (1709)


1. ’Tis win-ter now; the fall-en snow
has left the heavens all cold-ly clear;
Through leaf-less boughs the sharp winds blow,
and all the earth lies dead and drear;
And yet God’s love is not with-drawn;
The Life with-in the keen air breathes,
and Beau-ty paints the crim-son dawn,
and clothes the boughs with glitter-ing wreaths.

2. And though a-broad the sharp winds blow,
and skies are chill, and frosts are keen,
home clos-er draws a cir-cle now,
and warm-er glows the light with-in;
O God! Who does give the win-ter’s cold
as well as sum-mer’s joy-ous rays,
us warm-ly in your love en-fold,
and keep us through life’s win-try days.

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