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August 01, 2005

131R All Beautiful the March of Days


1. All beau-ti-ful the march of days, as sea-sons come and go;
The hand that shaped the rose has wrought the crys-tal of the snow;
and sent the hoar-y frost of heav'n, the flow-ing wa-ters sealed,
and laid a si-lent love-li-ness on hill and wood and field.

2. O'er white ex-pan-ses spark-ling pure the ra-diant morns un-fold;
The sol-emn splen-dors of the night burn bright-er than the cold;
Life mounts in eve-ry throb-bing vein, love deep-ens round the hearth,
and clear-er sounds the an-gel hymn, 'Good will to all on earth.'

3. O One from whose un-fath-omed law the year in beau-ty flows,
whose self the vi-sion pass-ing by in crys-tal and in rose,
day un-to day does ut-ter speech, and night to night pro-claim,
in ev-er chang-ing words of light, the won-der of The Name.

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