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June 20, 2005

89R O God of Morning and of Night

Lyrics: Francis Turner Palgrave (1860), rev. REH (2005)
Tune: Morning Hymn (L.M.)

1. O God of morn-ing and of night,
We thank thee for thy gifts of light;
As in the dawn the sha-dows fly,
we seem to find thee now more nigh.

2. Fresh hopes have wak-ened in the heart,
fresh force to do our dai-ly part;
Thy slum-ber gifts our strength re-store,
through-out the day to serve thee more.

3. Yet while thy will we would pursue,
oft what we would we can-not do;
the Sun may stand in zen-ith skies,
but on the soul thick mid-night lies.

4. O Light of lights, 'tis thou a-lone
canst make our sha-dowed hearts thine own;
Though this new day with joy we see,
Great Dawn of God, we cry for thee.

Posted by rehurst at June 20, 2005 09:22 PM


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