July 27, 2006

614R Part in Peace

Original Title: "Part in Peace: Is Day Before Us?," Sarah F. Adams, in Hymns and Anthems, by William Johnson Fox (London: 1841), BEATRICE,, Wiliam C. Coe (1895); New Title: "Part in Peace (This Day Before Us)", rev. REH (2006), STUTTGART,, Christian Friedrich Witt in Psalmodia Sacra (Gotha 1715). "Depart in peace," James 2:16 (KJV). Adams was a English Unitarian, best known for the hymn "Nearer My God to Thee."


1. Part in peace, this day be-fore us;
praise the Name, for life and light;
when the sha-dows leng-then o'er us,
bless the Love that guards the night.

2. Part in peace, with deep thanks-giv-ing,
ren-der, when we're home-ward bound,
gra-cious ser-vice in our liv-ing,
tran-quil beau-ty all a-round.

3. Part in peace, such are the prais-es
God our Ma-ker lov-eth best;
such the wor-ship that up-rais-es
hu-man hearts to heav-en-ly rest.

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