December 21, 2005

250R Dear God and Weaver of the Soul

Old Title: "Dear Lord and Father of Mankind," John Greenleaf Whittier (1872), REST,, New Title: Dear God and Weaver of the Soul, rev. REH (2007), same hymn tune. See Psalm 139.

1. Dear God and Wea-ver of the soul,
for-give our fool-ish ways;
Re-clothe us in a grace-ful role,
in pur-er lives thy ser-vice find,
in deep-er rev-erence, praise.

2. In sim-ple trust like theirs who heard,
be-side the Syr-ian sea,
the free-ing pro-mise of the Lord,
let us, like them, with-out a word,
rise up and fol-low thee.

3. O Sab-bath rest by Gal-i-lee,
O calm of hills a-bove,
where Jes-us knelt to share with thee
the si-lence of e-ter-ni-ty,
in-ter-pret-ed by love!

4. So-phi-a's hush* sub-du-ing all
our words and works that drown
the ten-der whis-per of thy call,
as noise-less let thy bless-ing fall
As fell thy man-na down.

* Divine Wisdom

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