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July 05, 2008

624R An Apple Tree Stands In the Wood

Metrical Version of Song of Songs (Song of Soloman) 2:8-13 (REH), L.M. (, OLD HUNDREDTH, etc.

1. An ap-ple tree stands in the wood:
So my be-loved, a-bove the fray;
With great de-light near-by I stood;
To taste sweet fruit, as hearts do play.

2. The fes-tal house to which I come;
There I am sought but in sweet love;
Re-freshed with fruits and fresh-est plum;
Dis-may-ing love falls from a-bove.

3. O were one hand up-on my head;
And were one hand up-on my waist;
I sing to you, by red deer led;
Swear by gaz-elle, to Zi-on chased.

4. O do not stir nor wak-en love;
Not til the time your be-loved comes;
High leap-ing from the hills a-bove;
Thence bound-ing peaks un-til love hums.

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