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February 04, 2007

622R O Wisdom Reigns Supreme

Title: "O Wisdom Reigns Supreme," United Presbyterian Psalter (1887), Psalm 99, adapted REH (2007), ST. MICHAEL, S.M.D., Louis Bourgeois (1551), adapted William Crotch (1836). Psalm 99 is the lectionary reading for Transfiguration A & C, and Proper 24A/Ordinary 29A. Alternative tunes include ICH HALTE TREULICH STILL, S.M.D. and ST. AUGUSTINE, S.M.D. ST. MICHAEL, usually in S.M., should be well-known to most Unitarian Universalists, as the tune to the hymn "Where Is Our Holy Church?"


1. O Wis-dom reigns su-preme,
that all the world may wake,
though dwell-ing with the wing-ed ones,
the Earth's deep core may shake.
Lies in Je-ru-sa-lem,
the Sove-reign's sa-cred throne,
where three creeds sing one ho-ly Name,
that ev-er Life be known.

2. Our God does mer-cy love,
and jus-tice does main-tain:
In-te-gri-ty and eth-ics too
in Ja-cob did sus-tain.
May all sing prais-es high,
and Earth in prais-es laud:
All at the foot-stool wor-ship-ing,
for ho-ly is our God.

3. O Mos-es, Aar-on, priests,
all who on true Love call,
and Sa-muel trust-ing too in God,
who then an-swered them all.
Through pil-lar of Earth's clouds,
the Ho-ly One did speak:
who did set forth a cov-e-nant,
the Tor-ah, hence to keep.

4. O God, our gra-cious God,
who does a mes-sage send;
Love grants us par-don for our deeds,
that jus-tice may im-pend.
May all sing prais-es high,
and Earth in prais-es laud,
and cel-e-brate the moun-tain tops,
for ho-ly is our God.

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