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August 03, 2006

617R If God Had Not Been On Our Side

Title: "If God Had Not Been On On Our Side," Martin Luther (1524), translation of "Wär’ Gott nicht mit uns diese Zeit," composite translators, rev. REH (2006), WÄR’ GOTT NICHT MIT UNS,, Gesangbuch (Wittenberg: 1537). Paraphrase of Psalm 124, a lectionary reading for Proper 16A/Ordinary 21A and Proper 21B/Ordinary 26B.


1. If God had not been on our side
and had not come to aid us,
would our foes with their power and pride
then sure-ly have dis-mayed us?
Would we, God's flock, then have to fear
the threats of those both far and near
who act in might a-gainst us?

2. Such wrath, dear God, do not per-mit,
it sure-ly would con-sume us
and as a deep and yawn-ing pit
with life and limb en-tomb us.
Like those o’er whom deep wa-ter rolls,
that wrath then would en-gulf our souls
and, like a flood, o’er-whelm us.

3. Bless A-do-nai, who foils our threats
that they might not de-vour us.
Our souls, like birds, es-cape their nets,
they could not ov-er-power us.
The snare is brok-en; we are free!
Our help is ev-er, God, in thee,
who made the earth and heav-en.

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618R Bendeciré a Jehová en todo tiempo

"Bendeciré a Jehová en todo tiempo," Salmo 34:1-4, del Himnario de la Iglesia Evangélica Presbiteriana y Reformada "Betel," en Lima, Perú (ieprp_betel@yahoo.com), The first part of Psalm 34 is a lectionary reading for All Saints A, Proper 14B/Ordinary 19B and Proper 25B/Ordinary 30B.

1. Ben-de-ci-ré~a Je-ho-vá~en to-do tiem-po:
Su~a-la-ban-za de en bo-ca es-ta-rá
en Je-ho-vá se glor-iar-á mi al-ma;
Lo oi-rán los man-sos y se~a-le-gra-rán.

2. En-gran-de-ced a Je-ho-vá con-mi-go,
Y ex-al-te-mos a-un a su nom-bre.
Bus-qué a Je-ho-vá y Dios me~o-yó,
Y de to-dos mis tem-or-es me li-bró.

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