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July 12, 2006

609R Your Burning Love

Title: "Your Burning Love," adaped by REH (2007) from The Psalter (1912), Psalm 30; MEIRIONYDD, D, William Freeman Lloyd (1840). Psalm 30 is an appointed reading for Epiphany 6B, Proper 8B/Ordinary 13B, Easter 3C, Proper 5C/Ordinary 10 and Proper 9C/Ordinary 14C.


1. Your burn-ing love de-liv-ered;
in sweet love songs I cried;
my harsh-est cri-tics suf-fered
in si-lence midst my slide.
O Hard-ened Truth, I sought you;
your strength my heart did save;
O you did teach me wis-dom,
whose path is long and brave.

2. Love's ho-ly name re-mem-ber,
all souls, give thanks and praise!
Life's sor-rows last a mo-ment;
God's fa-vor lasts al-ways;
for sor-row, like a pil-grim,
may come to stay the night,
but joy the soul will glad-den
when dawns the mor-ning light.

3. In gol-den days I boast-ed,
"A moun-tain I re-main!"
O God, with pleas-ing fa-vor,
the high-land crests sus-tain.
Then my life near-ly crumb-led,
no more I heard you speak,
and cried a-loud, "O dear God;"
your mys-tery did I seek.

4. Who'd pro-fit if we per-ished,
if our lives were not spared?
Would dust then sing out prais-es;
how would Truth be de-clared?
O God, send down com-pass-ion,
and our de-si-res hear;
the heart needs you as lov-er:
O Spir-it soon ap-pear!

5. Lo, heart-ache turns to dan-ces,
to you great thanks all raise,
who took a-way this sad-ness,
and lift-ed all in praise!
So now, no lon-ger si-lent,
with burn-ing love all sing:
"O Sweet-est God, for-ev-er,"
and thanks on high do bring!

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