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January 14, 2006

602R O Light of Every Nation

Title: "O Light of Every Nation," Johann Franck (1674), originally "Herr Jesu, Licht der Heiden," translated from German to English by Catherine Winkworth (1863), rev. REH (2006), VALET WILL ICH DIR GEBEN, D, Melchior Teschner (1613). The Song of Simeon, or the Nunc Dimittis, is often associated with Candlemas (and typically used as a closing hymn), and is found at Luke 2:29-32. The following hymn, Catherine Winkworth's translation from the German, entitled "O Light of Every Nation," which echoes this passage.


1. O light of eve-ry na-tion, re-deem-er from a-bove,
drawn by the spir-it’s lead-ing, we come with joy and love
into your ho-ly tem-ple and wait with earn-est mind
as Sim-eon once had wait-ed on the Sove-reign to find.

2. O, God, your seek-ers meet you in eve-ry ho-ly place
where your true words have pro-mis-ed that we should find your grace.
To-day you still do grant us who ga-ther 'round you here
in arms of faith to bear you as did that agèd seer.

3. O be our joy and bright-ness, our cheer in loss and pain,
our sun in deep-est ter-ror, the glo-ry of your reign,
a star for sink-ing spir-its, a bea-con in dis-tress,
phy-si-cian, friend in sick-ness, in death our hap-pi-ness.

4. Let us, O God, be faith-ful like Sim-eon to the end,
So that this prayer ex-ul-tant may from our hearts as-cend:
"O God, now let your ser-vant de-part in peace, I pray,
since I have seen th'A-noint-ed here on this ve-ry day."

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