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January 10, 2006

601R O Love, My Inmost Heart

Title: "O Love, My Inmost Heart," The Psalter (1912), rev. REH (2005), GUTERHIRT, C.M., Michael Lonnecke (2005). Though not included in Hymns of the Spirit Two, this minor recasting of Psalm 139 from The Psalter is included here, to a hymn tune written by Michael Lonnecke for the psalm. Lonneke was the found­ing pre­si­dent of the Lou­doun, Vir­gin­ia, Sym­pho­ny, and serves as or­gan­ist for the Ang­li­can Church of the Good Shep­herd and for Trin­i­ty United Meth­od­ist Church, both in Par­is, Vir­gin­ia, near Washington. He has released the tune into the public domain.


1. O Love, my in-most heart and thought
thy search-ing eye doth see;
Wher-e'er I rest, wher-e'er I go,
my ways are known to thee.

2. Each spok-en word, each si-lent thought,
thou, God, dost un-der-stand;
Be-fore me and be-hind art thou,
sus-tain-ing by thy hand.

3. If I the wings of morn-ing take
to some re-mot-est land,
still I shall be up-held by thee
and guid-ed by thy hand.

4. From thee, O God, I can-not hide
though night-time cov-er me;
The even-ing and the light of day
are both a-like to thee.

5. Search me, O Truth, and know my heart,
try me, my thoughts to know;
O lead me, if aim-less I stray,
in paths of life to go.

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