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October 23, 2005

179R Lift Up Your Heads

George Weissel, 1642, trans. Catherine Winkworth, alt. REH, 1642; GOTTLOB, ES GEHT,, German Chorale, harm. J.S. Bach, 1747.


1. Lift up your heads, ye migh-ty gates,
Be-hold the child of glo-ry waits;
The roy-al peace is draw-ing near,
The hope of long-ing hearts is here;
Whose life does joy-ful-ness e'er bring,
Where-fore re-joice and glad-ly and sing.

2. Fling wide the por-tals of your heart,
Make it a tem-ple set a-part
From earth-ly use for heav'n's em-ploy,
A-dorned with prayer, and love, and joy;
O pil-grim rul-er guide us on
Til peace on earth for all is won!

3. Oh blest the land, the ci-ty blest,
Where dwells a Christ-child in the breast!
Oh hap-py hearts and hap-py homes
To whom this peace in tri-umph comes!
So shall your sov'-reign en-ter in,
And new and nob-ler life be-gin.

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