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October 22, 2005

178R Heir of All the Waiting Ages

Heir of all the wait-ing a-ges,
Hope of a-ges yet to be;
Light to those who dwell in sor-row,
Liv-ing truth to make us free;
Strick-en souls shall know the com-fort
Of your gra-cious min-is-try.

2. An-gel voi-ces in the hea-vens
Joy-ful-ly pro-claim your birth;
Sing-ing a fore-told do-min-ion,
Reign of right-eous-ness and worth;
Songs of proph-e-cy and prom-ise,
Peace, good-will to all on earth.

3. You shall be the great phy-si-cian
For the ills of hu-man-kind;
You shall heal the wound-ed spir-it,
And give strength to mean and kind;
Larg-er life for all who seek it
In the child-like hear and mind.

4. Child of peace, the war-ring na-tions
In your name shall sheathe the sword;
Jus-tice, scorned, for-got-ten, tram-pled,
By your rule shall be re-stored;

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