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October 08, 2005

172R Thank We Now the God of Heav'n

Original Title: "Thank We Now the Lord of Heav'n," Henry Warburton Hawkes, New Title: "Thank We Now the God of Heav'n," alt. 2008; DIVINIUM MYSTERIUM,, 13th Century Plain Song, Mode V.

1. Thank we now the God of heav'n
For the day-spring we've been giv'n;
For the light of truth and grace
Shining from the sov'reign's face.
Still that light is shin-ing on:
Still the ho-ly child is born
Ev-'ry bless-ed Christ-mas morn.

2. Still the words of truth and grace
In a ho-lier world we trace;
Still the an-gels' song is heard:
'Glo-ry be to God on high.'
Sing, ye an-gels from the sky;
Mor-tals raise the gladd'-ning call,
'Peace on earth, good-will to all!'

Posted by rehurst at October 8, 2005 09:56 PM

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