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October 07, 2005

171R O Thou In Lonely Vigil Led

Frederick Lucian Hosmer, 1903; alt. REH, 2008; ERFURT (Von Himmel Hoch), L.M., Geistliche Leider, Leipzig, 1539.

1. O thou in lone-ly vi-gil led
To fol-low Truth's new ris-en star
Ere yet the morn-ing skies are red,
And vale and up-land shad-owed are,

2. Pre-pare thy-self and take thy road
And faith-ful to thy vis-ion be:
Trust not in num-bers; none is God,
But one with God: ma-jor-i-ty.

3. Soon pass the judg-ments of the hour,
For-got-ten are the scorn and blame;
The word moves on, a glad-dening power,
And safe en-shrines the prophets' fame.

4. Now, as of old, in low-ly plight
the child of larg-er faith is born:
The watch-ing shep-herds come by night,
And then, the search-ing souls at morn!

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