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August 22, 2005

148R O God, the Rock of Ages

Music: PASSION CHORALE ( D.), Hans Leo Hassler (1601), harm. J.S. Bach (1729); Paraphrase of Psalm 61.


1. O God, the Rock of A-ges,
who ev-er-more has been,
what time the tem-pest ra-ges,
our dwell-ing place se-rene:
Be-fore the first cre-a-tions,
O You, the same a-bove,
to end-less gen-er-a-tions,
the ev-er-last-ing Love.

2. Our years are like the sha-dows
on sun-ny hills that lie,
or grass-es in the mea-dows
that blos-som but to die;
a-sleep, a dream, a sto-ry
by stran-gers quick-ly told
and un-re-main-ing glo-ry
of things that soon are old.

3. O You, who do not slum-ber,
whose light grows ne-ver pale,
teach us a-right to num-ber
our years be-fore they fail;
On us your mer-cy light-en,
on us your good-ness rest,
and let your spir-it bright-en
the hearts that you have blessed.

4. Love, crown our faith’s en-deav-or
with beau-ty and with grace,
till, clothed in light for-ev-er,
we see you face to face:
A joy no lang-uage mea-sures,
a foun-tain brimm-ing o’er,
an end-less flow of plea-sures,
an o-cean with-out shore.

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