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August 30, 2005

154R Shepherd, Tell Us of the Night

Original: Watchmen, Tell Us of the Night, John Bowring, 1858, alt. REH, 2008; WATCHMAN,, Lowell Mason, 1830.

1. Shep-herd, tell us of the night,
What its signs of prom-ise are.
Trav-eller, o’er yon moun-tain’s height,
See that glo-ry-beam-ing star.
Shep-herd, does its beau-teous ray
Aught of joy or hope fore-tell?
Trave-ller, yes—it brings the day,
Prom-ised day of Is-ra-el.

2. Shep-herd, tell us of the night;
High-er yet that star as-cends.
Trav-eller, bless-ed-ness and light,
Peace and truth its course por-tends.
Shep-herd, will its beams a-lone
Gild the spot that gave them birth?
Trave-ller, a-ges are its own;
See, it bursts o’er all the earth.

3. Shep-herd, tell us of the night,
For the morn-ing seems to dawn.
Trave-ller, sor-row takes its flight,
Doubt and ter-ror are with-drawn.
Shep-herd, let thy wand'-rings cease;
Hie thee to thy qui-et home.
Trave-ller, lo! the Roy-al Peace,
Lo! a child of God is come!

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