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August 30, 2005

153R As With Gladness, Those of Old

Meter,, Tune, DIX

1. As with glad-ness, those of old
Did the guid-ing star be-hold;
As with joy they hailed its light
Lead-ing on-ward, beam-ing bright:
So, most glor-ious one, may we
Ev-er-more be led to thee.

2. As with joy-ful steps they sped
To that low-ly mang-er bed;
There to bend the knee be-fore
One whom heaven and earth a-dore;
So may we with will-ing feet
Ev-er seek thy mer-cy seat.

3. As they offer-ed gifts most rare
At that mang-er rude and bare;
So may we with ho-ly joy,
Pure and free from sin’s al-loy,
All our treas-ures bring to thee,
And may heav'n-ly prais-es be.

Posted by rehurst at August 30, 2005 06:22 AM

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