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August 11, 2005

139R Summer Suns Are Glowing


1. Sum-mer suns are glow-ing ov-er land and sea;
Hap-py light is flow-ing, boun-ti-ful and free;
Eve-ry-thing re-joi-ces in the mel-low rays;
Earth's ten thou-sand voi-ces swell ho-ly psalms of praise.

2. God’s free mer-cy does stream ov-er all the world,
And the ban-ner does gleam, by the church un-furled;
Broad and deep and glo-rious, as the heaven a-bove,
shines in might vic-to-rious, O God's e-ter-nal love.

3. O, up-on our sens-es your pure ra-diance pour;
For your lo-ving-kind-ness we would love you more;
And when clouds are drift-ing thick a-cross the sky,
then, the veil up-lif-ting, Sove-reign, O be you nigh.

4. We will ne-ver doubt you, though you veil the light;
Life is dull with-out you; sha-dows with you, bright;
Light of light, shine o'er us on our pil-grim way;
Go now still be-fore us day af-ter end-less day.

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Posted by rehurst at August 11, 2005 03:53 AM

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