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August 03, 2005

132R Another Year of Setting Suns


1. An-oth-er year of set-ting suns,
of stars by night re-vealed,
of spring-ing grass, of ten-der buds
by win-ter's snow con-cealed.

2. An-oth-er year of sum-mer's glow,
of au-tumn's gold and brown,
of wav-ing fields, and rud-dy fruit
the bran-ches weigh-ing down.

3. An-oth-er year of hap-py work,
that bet-ter is than play,
of sim-ple cares, and love that grows
more sweet from day to day.

4. An-oth-er year to fol-low hard,
where bet-ter souls have trod,
an-oth-er year of life's de-light,
an-oth-er year of God.

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