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June 19, 2005

88R Come, My Soul, the Hour Is Waking


1. Come, my soul, the hour is wak-ing;
Now is break-ing o'er the earth a-no-ther day;
Come to One that made this splen-dor;
May I ren-der all my morn-ing strength can pay.

2. I, too, hail the Sun re-turn-ing,
rea-dy burn-ing the in-cense of my soul's powers,
for the night is safe-ly end-ed,
God has tend-ed the soul with care through help~less hours.

3. Pray that Love may pros-per ev-er
each en-dea-vor when our aim is good and true;
And that Wis-dom ev-er thwart us,
and re-store us, when the soul would ev-il~pur-sue.

4. May my soul on life’s last mor-row,
free from sor-row, slip a-way in slum-ber sweet:
And, re-leased from death’s last sad-ness,
rise in glad-ness that far bright-er Sun to greet.

5. On-ly God’s free gifts a-buse not,
light re-fuse not, but the Spir-it’s voice o-bey;
May my soul with Love ere be-hold
and light en-fold all things al-ways in un~cloud~ed day.

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Posted by rehurst at June 19, 2005 09:43 PM

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