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March 01, 2005

1R Praise to the Living God / Yigdal Elohim Chai

Original Title: "Praise to the Living God," Daniel ben Judah Dayyan (14th century), trans. Max Lansberg and Newton Mann, LEONI,, Synagogue Melody, arr. Meyer Lyon; New Name: "Praise to the Living God / Yigdal Elohim Chai," same hymn tune, rev. REH (2005). Moses Maimoides (1130-1205) drew up thirteen articles of Jewish faith; these were latter versified by Daniel ben Juddah Dayyan. The translation here is largely based on the work of Lansberg, a Reform rabbi, and Mann, a Unitarian minister, who worked collaboratively in the 1880s. A recast version (with additional work by Mann's successor, William Channing Gannett), omitting one stanza, appears as no. 215 in Singing the Living Tradition under the same name; under the name "The God of Abraham Praise," the hymn appears as no. 24 in The New Century Hymnal. Both appear to the tune LEONI, named for Meyer Lyon, cantor at the Great Synagogue in London. The lyrics here appear with all four verses, and two of the original Hebrew verses. The text makes reference to numerous texts in the Hebrew Bible; "I AM WHO I AM, this is my name forever," Exodus 3:14-15; God is the "first and last," Isaiah 44:6; the law is written on our hearts, Jeremiah 31:27-34. "So now, Israel, give heed to the statutes and ordinances," Deuteronomy 4:1.


1. Praise to the liv-ing God! All prais~ed be~the Name,
who was and is~and is~to be, for aye the same!
The One E-ter-nal God ere aught that now ap-pears:
the First, the Last, be-yond all thought and time-less years!

2. Form-less, all love-ly forms, de-clare~God's love~li-ness;
no ho-li-ness~on earth~can e'er the Name ex-press.
God is Our Sove-reign sure, Cre-a-tion sings out praise;
And, ev-ery-where, a-bove, be-low, God's will o-beys.

3. The spir-it flow-eth free, high surg~ing where~it will;
in proph-et's word~did speak~of old, and speak-eth still.
Es-tab-lished is the law, and peer-less it shall stand,
deep writ up-on the hu-man heart, on sea or land.

4. E-ter-nal life hath God im-plant~ed in~the soul;
such love shall be~our strength~and stay while a-ges roll.
Praise to the liv-ing God! All prais-ed be the Name,
who was, and is, and is to be, for aye the same.

a. Yig-dal e-lo-him chai ve-yish-ta-bach,
nim-tsa ve-ein eit el me-tsi-u-to.
E-chad ve-ein ya-chid ke-yi-chu-do,
ne-lam ve-gam ein sof le-ach-du-to.

b. Ein lo de-mut ha-guf ve-ei-no-guf,
lo-na-a roch ei-lav ke-du-sha-to.
Kad-mon le-choi da-var a-sher niv-ra
ri-shon ve-ein rei-shit le-rei-shi-to.

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