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March 11, 2005

11R Our Mothering Father

Original Title: "Our Father, Unto Thee," Byron G. Russell, OLIVET,, New Title, "Our Mothering Father," rev. REH (2006), same hymn tune. Russell was a 19th century Universalist minister, born in 1850. The hymn in some respects represents a reworking of the Lord's Prayer, Matthew 6:9-13, Luke 11:2-4. The hymn appears in neither Hymns of the Spirit Two nor in The New Century Hymnal. "Mothering" in the revised hymn title is a translation of what is normally translated from the Hebrew as "merciful," or literally "womb-like." The phrase occurs in a number of hymns in the various versions of Music For Liturgy and other elements of worship produced by St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church (typically for unrestricted local reproduction) in San Francisco, California.


1. Our Mothe-ring Fa-ther be
with us now joy-ous-ly,
as voi-ces raise
for all your love has wrought,
our lives with bless-ings fraught
trans-cend-ing all our thought,
we speak your praise.

2. O God, no lips a-lone
could our joy-ful-ness own,
and wor-ship you,
but may our lives ex-press
that which our hearts con-fess,
and we in ho-li-ness
our souls re-new.

3. And may our hands reach out
to those who round a-bout
de-mand our love.
In ev-ery hour of need
may we their plead-ings heed,
til earth be-comes in-deed
like heaven a-bove. A-men.

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