August 08, 2005

136R I Walk Amidst Thy Beauty Forth


1. I walk a-midst the beau-ty forth,
my joy high praise de-clares;
O bless-ings from the bloom-ing earth,
I drink the ver-nal airs.
Those old e-ter-nal hills di-vine,
what migh-ty cheer they breathe!
What ful-ness of de-light sub-lime
the sol-emn stars be-queath!

2. Each won-der of God's hand still makes
my glad-ness fresh and strong;
The glo-ry of my God still wakes
the glo-ry of my song.
When cheer and strength my heart does lack,
and glad-ness makes me whole,
a-midst the sum-mer I win back,
the sum-mer of my soul.

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August 10, 2005

138R The Summer Days Are Come Again


1. The sum-mer days are come a-gain;
once more the glad earth yields
a gol-den wealth of rip'-ning grain,
and breath of clo-ver fields,
and deep'-ning shade of sum-mer woods,
and glow of sum-mer air,
and wing-ing thoughts and hap-py moods
of love and joy and prayer.

2. The sum-mer days are come a-gain;
the birds are on the wing;
God's prais-es, in their lov-ing strain,
un-cons-cious-ly they sing.
We know who bes-tows all the good,
glad-'ning hearts in ac-cord,
for sum-mer joy in field and wood:
we lift our song sky-ward.

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August 11, 2005

139R Summer Suns Are Glowing


1. Sum-mer suns are glow-ing ov-er land and sea;
Hap-py light is flow-ing, boun-ti-ful and free;
Eve-ry-thing re-joi-ces in the mel-low rays;
Earth's ten thou-sand voi-ces swell ho-ly psalms of praise.

2. God’s free mer-cy does stream ov-er all the world,
And the ban-ner does gleam, by the church un-furled;
Broad and deep and glo-rious, as the heaven a-bove,
shines in might vic-to-rious, O God's e-ter-nal love.

3. O, up-on our sens-es your pure ra-diance pour;
For your lo-ving-kind-ness we would love you more;
And when clouds are drift-ing thick a-cross the sky,
then, the veil up-lif-ting, Sove-reign, O be you nigh.

4. We will ne-ver doubt you, though you veil the light;
Life is dull with-out you; sha-dows with you, bright;
Light of light, shine o'er us on our pil-grim way;
Go now still be-fore us day af-ter end-less day.

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August 12, 2005

140R Praise to God and Thanks We Bring


1. Praise to God and thanks we bring;
Hearts, bow down, and voi-ces sing!
Prais-es to the Glo-rious One,
all the year of won-der done!
Sing praise for the bud-ding green,
A-pril's res-ur-rec-tion scene;
Sing praise for the shin-ing hours,
star-ring all the land with flowers!

2. Sing praise for the sum-mer rain,
feed-ing day and night the grain;
Sing praise for the ti-ny seed,
hold-ing all the world shall need;
Sing praise for the gar-den root,
mead-ow grass and or-chard fruit;
Praise for hills and val-leys broad,
each the tab-le of our God!

3. Praise God now for snow-y rest,
fall-ing soft on Na-ture's breast;
Praise for hap-py dreams of birth,
brood-ing in the qui-et earth!
For the year of won-der done,
Praise to the All-glo-rious One!
Hearts, bow down, and voi-ces sing,
praise, and love, and thanks we bring.

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