August 30, 2005

150R O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

O Come, O Come Emmanuel, 13th Century Hymn, Psalteriolum Cantionum Catholicarum, 1710, Trans. John Mason Neale, 1854, alt. REH, 2005; VENI EMMANUEL,, Hymnal Noted, Part II, 1856.


1. O come, O come, Em-man-u-el,
and ran-som cap-tive Is-ra-el;
that mourns in lone-ly ex-ile here,
un-til a ho-ly child ap-pear.
Re-joice! Re-joice! Em-man-u-el!
Shall come to all, O Is-ra-el!

2. O come, O Wis-dom from on high,
and or-der all things far and nigh,
to us the path of know-ledge show,
and teach us in her ways to go.
Re-joice! Re-joice! Em-man-u-el!
Shall come with-in as Truth to dwell!

3. O come, O Ho-ly One of might,
who to the tribes on Si-nai's height,
in an-cient times did give the law,
in cloud and ma-jes-ty and awe.
Re-joice! Re-joice! Em-man-u-el!
Shall come to us as Hope to dwell!

4. O come, O rod of Jes-se's stem,
from tri-als soon de-liv-er them,
O come, and turn all hearts to peace,
that greed and war at last shall cease.
Re-joice! Re-joice! Em-man-u-el!
Shall come to all as Peace to dwell!

5. O come, O Key of Da-vid, come,
and o-pen wide our heaven-ly home,
make safe the ways that pierce the sky,
and close the path of sor-row's cry.
Re-joice! Re-joice! Em-man-u-el!
Shall come to us as Light to dwell!

6. O come, De-sire of na-tions, bind,
in one the hearts of hu-man-kind,
bid eve-ry sad di-vi-sion cease,
and reign for aye in glo-rious peace.
Re-joice! Re-joice! Em-man-u-el!
Shall come with-in as Love to dwell!

7. O come, O Day-spring come and cheer,
our spir-its by your ad-vent here;
dis-perse the gloom-y clouds of night
and death's deep sha-dows put to flight.
Re-joice! Re-joice! Em-man-u-el!
Shall come to all, O Is-ra-el!

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151R Hail to the One Anointed



1. Hail to the one a-noint-ed, great Da-vid's great-er child!
Hail in the time ap-point-ed, when souls are re-con-ciled!
Who comes to break op-pres-sion, to set the cap-tive free;
To take a-way trans-gres-sion and rule in e-qui-ty.

2. Who comes in suc-cor speed-y to those who suf-fer wrong;
To help the poor and need-y, and bid the weak be strong;
To give them songs for sigh-ing, their even-ings filled with light,
Whose souls, con-demned and dy-ing, are pre-cious in God's sight.

3. The child comes down like show-ers upon the fruit-ful earth;
Love, joy, and hope, like flowers, spring in the path to birth;
And lead-ing, on the mountains, shall peace, the herald, go;
As life re-new-ing foun-tains, from hill to val-ley flow.

4. A-ra-bia's des-ert ran-ger, who wills to bend the knee;
The E-thi-o-pian stran-ger, true glo-ry come to see;
The Ma-gi, prayers im-plor-ing, who gold and in-cense bring;
The na-tions soon a-dor-ing, high praise they long shall sing.

5. O'er eve-ry foe vic-tor-ious, on high-est throne shall rest;
From age to age more glo-rious, all bless-ing and all blest.
The tide of time keeps ev-er the cov-en-ant a-bove;
That name shall stand for-ev-er, whose name to us is love.

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152R Veiled in Shadow Judah Lay

Meter,, Tune, EBELING or DIX.

1. Veiled in shad-ow Ju-dah lay,
Wait-ing for the pro-mised day,
While a-cross the drear-y night
Streamed a flood of glor-ious light,
Heav’n-ly voic-es chant the call,
“Peace on earth, good will to all.”

2. Still the earth in shad-ow lies,
Up from death’s deep vale a-rise
Voic-es of a world in grief,
Prayers of those who seek re-lief:
Now the shad-ow heeds the call,
“Peace on earth, good will to all.”

3. Light of light, we humb-ly pray,
Shine up-on your world to-day;
Break the gloom of our long night,
Fill our souls with love and light,
Send the bless-ed word and call,
“Peace on earth, good will to all.”

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October 07, 2005

171R O Thou In Lonely Vigil Led

Frederick Lucian Hosmer, 1903; alt. REH, 2008; ERFURT (Von Himmel Hoch), L.M., Geistliche Leider, Leipzig, 1539.

1. O thou in lone-ly vi-gil led
To fol-low Truth's new ris-en star
Ere yet the morn-ing skies are red,
And vale and up-land shad-owed are,

2. Pre-pare thy-self and take thy road
And faith-ful to thy vis-ion be:
Trust not in num-bers; none is God,
But one with God: ma-jor-i-ty.

3. Soon pass the judg-ments of the hour,
For-got-ten are the scorn and blame;
The word moves on, a glad-dening power,
And safe en-shrines the prophets' fame.

4. Now, as of old, in low-ly plight
the child of larg-er faith is born:
The watch-ing shep-herds come by night,
And then, the search-ing souls at morn!

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October 23, 2005

179R Lift Up Your Heads

George Weissel, 1642, trans. Catherine Winkworth, alt. REH, 1642; GOTTLOB, ES GEHT,, German Chorale, harm. J.S. Bach, 1747.


1. Lift up your heads, ye migh-ty gates,
Be-hold the child of glo-ry waits;
The roy-al peace is draw-ing near,
The hope of long-ing hearts is here;
Whose life does joy-ful-ness e'er bring,
Where-fore re-joice and glad-ly and sing.

2. Fling wide the por-tals of your heart,
Make it a tem-ple set a-part
From earth-ly use for heav'n's em-ploy,
A-dorned with prayer, and love, and joy;
O pil-grim rul-er guide us on
Til peace on earth for all is won!

3. Oh blest the land, the ci-ty blest,
Where dwells a Christ-child in the breast!
Oh hap-py hearts and hap-py homes
To whom this peace in tri-umph comes!
So shall your sov'-reign en-ter in,
And new and nob-ler life be-gin.

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January 04, 2006

492R Break Forth, O Beauteous Heavenly Light

Break Forth, O Beauteous Heavenly Light, Johann Rist, 1641, Trans. John Troutbeck (verse 1); verse 2 appears in Voices United (United Church of Canada hymnal), Trans. Trozer Rusell, ca. 1851; ERMUNTRE DICH (Break Forth O Beauteous Heavenly Light),, Johann Schop, 1641, as harmonized by J.S. Bach in the Christmas Oratorio, 1734.


1. Break forth, O beau-teous heav'n-ly light,
And ush-er in the morn-ing;
Ye shep-herds, shrink not with af-fright,
But hear the an-gel's warn-ing.
This child, now weak in in-fan-cy,
Our con-fi-dence and joy shall be,
All self-ish thoughts e'er break-ing,
Our peace e-ter-nal mak-ing.

2. All bless-ing, thanks, and praise to thee,
O light of heav'n, be giv-en:
Thou hast our true friend deigned to be
Our fears in sun-der riv-en.
O grant us through our day of grace
With con-stant praise to seek thy face;
Grant us ere long in glo-ry
With prais-es to a-dore thee.

German Original:

Brich an, o schönes Morgenlicht,
Und laß den Himmel tagen!
Du Hirtenvolk, erschrecke nicht
Weil dir die Engel sagen,
Daß dieses schwache Knäbelein
Soll unser Trost und Freude sein.
Dazu den Satin zwingen
Und letzlich Frieden bringen.

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